Early Mammal

Early Mammal started on February 1st 2012 in an old butter factory in Camberwell, South London, now better known as Dropout Studios. Formed by Rob Herian (ex-Elks) on guitar and vocals, Ben Davis (ex-85 Bears) on drums, and with the prog-stylings of Turkish born Deniz Belendir on organ and synth, the band spent hours jamming heavy blues, space-rock and psyche with the likes of Captain Beefheart, High Rise, Peter Green, White Hills, Edgar Broughton Band and Hawkwind on the brain. In autumn 2012 the band finally turned it all into their first album with the recording of Horror at Pleasure.

Early Mammal is not your average blues, stoner or psyche band…or whatever you want to call it. The influence goes much deeper. It’s fuzzed-out and it’s heavy, but there’s also something else, something wrong with the story. That’s what you’ve created in Early Mammal so that’s what you get.

All our stories are fucked. Early Mammal is coming and it’s telling you something.



Early Mammal is:

Rob Herian – Guitar & Vocals
Ben Davis – Drums & Percussion
Deniz Belendir – Organ & Synth

One comment

  1. artdamij says:

    this cd is fuckin’ MAGIC.
    how about a VINYL version?..
    sort it out!
    gigs?.. any nr manchester?,newcastle?..

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